Monday, February 18, 2013

Afternoon (Crafting) Delight

I own a stupid amount of crafting junk. I mean, it's awesome, but it takes up tons of space in the office and Roam About Mike is usually scowling at me after I have blown up my craft room the office after another crafting binge. While making resolutions this year, I have decided to use up the crafting supplies that I currently have instead of buying more. Also, I love sending handwritten notes and letters, so having an afternoon stationery party for one was inevitable.  

What I used:
- Kraft and white paper card stock (Michael's)
- Glitter card stock and hole punch (Archiver's)
- Miscellaneous tags (On Paper)
- Stamp kit (Martha Effing Stewart)
- Gold, white and black stamping ink

Congratulations cards filled with glitter confetti. When you are congratulating someone, it's not complete unless you are throwing confetti in their face.

 I used a large circle sponge to add some gold shimmer.

These cards were given to me a long time ago, I just stamped over the snowman design. You can also do this with vintage postcards, flashcards, book pages, etc.

So, dig out your crafting junk and use your creativity to make do with what you already own. Then, next year, we can get all new supplies. Happy creating!

Love, Marti

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